Spring Teacher Camp Around the Corner!

Spring 2013 Teacher CampWow, it’s finally here…the official public launch of 3D GameLab!  We have a soft launch planned for the end of April, and go full steam into a Spring Teacher Camp, fully online, starting May 1st.  3D GameLab will open its doors by offering year-round professional development, and tool access, for an annual fee of $245.  For those teachers who just want to use the software without attending camp, we’ll offer our basic accounts later this summer once we’ve accumulated additional funding to support everyone, so please sign up on our Waiting List!

We’re welcoming back former guild officers, Mark Suter and Kae Novak, and super excited to be bringing on board Tracie Hightower and Bill Krebs.  Check out our quest strands for May and we hope to see you there!  All beta players are welcomed back from prior camps to enjoy another year in 3D GameLab on us.  It pays to play beta!  More to come, stay tuned….

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