Revealing Planet Stewards

As many of you know, I’ve been engaged on our Planet Stewards project in conjunction with NOAA as part of our DML/HASTAC award.  It’s been amazing to be involved in the evolution of Mozilla’s Open Badges initiative, work with the talented experts at NOAA, and gain a better understanding of the need for environmental education in today’s times of Hurricane Sandy and other environmental disasters!

What does it look like to work on Planet Stewards quests and earn Mozilla badges?  Here are early screenshots inside 3D GameLab.  As you see the first screenshot, we currently have 169 quests!  These can be expanded on by individual teachers who have the option to add additional quests to the curriculum.

Freshwater Quests inside 3D GameLab
Quest designer, Lucas Gillispie, focused on creating quests that engage the student as a real-life problem solver of freshwater ecology issues using real-time data.
Planet Stewards Badges: 5 “super-badges” in the NOAA content areas, 15 career-pathway badges, and one Conquerer badge for those rare individuals who master all 20!

Next month I travel to the Climate Literacy Summit, and hope to gain a better understanding of how we can expand this work to better protect our planet and the humans who’d like to enjoy it now and in the future.

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