3D GameLab Goes Live…and WOW!!

What an amazing opening day in 3D GameLab online teacher summer camp, and the launch of our closed beta quest-based learning platform!!  Players logged in at midnight, and ran strong all day long. On our first day, 150 players logged in and completed over 750 total quests.  The feedback has been fantastic.  Chris Haskell (my co-inventor) and I were busy throughout the day meeting new players, participating in the mobile learning Skype chat event, hanging out in Ventrilo and chatting, leaving feedback and approving quests, reading blog and Facebook entries, sharing resources, answering LOTS of questions, and a little (haha) bit of tech support!  Whew.

What the Players Have to Say

  • This fits my learning style. I learn by “doing,” so thank-you for allowing us to discover how all of this works, in our own time frame.
  • 3D is super cool.  I am totally loving this and can’t wait to get going and building some quests for me to try with my students.
  • This is an incredibly engaging way of directing learning, encouraging personal responsibility and developing community. Congrats to the team at Boise!
  • I can’t stop questing, I’m addicted!
  • I’m having the best day playing on 3D Game Lab. Am I really at work?
  • Creating a Quest to the Top – 21st Century Learning: Those of you who have started to lay the foundation for us to create a 21st century curriculum, I thank you. You have given us the tools to change our educational delivery system into something that will allow all students active, successful participation in their learning.
  • Enjoying what I have seen and experienced in the 3d Game Lab workshop so far. I can’t wait to start developing for my group.
  • So much fun.  I have really enjoyed Gamelab so far. It is very easy to navigate around the site. I really like the status bar so I can keep track on my completions. The badges and rewards are nice incentives that I am striving for also 🙂
  • Praise for multiple ways to succeed! This is so well thought out! Having several ways to remedy a problem is so important. I can see how students would persevere longer knowing that they could get assistance in multiple ways.
  • Interface feels natural, easy to learn and navigate.

I have so much to say, but I think Chris’s closing video sums it up for both of us.  More reporting on day 2.



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