Jambox + Pandora = Big WIN!

WOW, I’m blown away!  I originally bought a Jawbone Jambox to support wireless conference calling on-the-go.  Little did I know that this little, portable, seemingly indestructible beauty would open up a world of music to me that I had never considered available before. 

I love music, all kinds of music, but I’m lazy.  I don’t want to pay for iTunes, I don’t like to catalog and collect music, the whole syncing thing drives me nuts (I own too many devices and none of them seem to sync to the right computer at the right time).  The radio is annoying because of commercials and talk.

Along comes my bluetooth-connected Jambox. After purchasing, I start experimenting by placing calls.  It’s pretty cool.  Jambox will talk to you, let you know the know the number of who’s calling you, and if you answer, you can conference call using the speaker unit.  It goes anywhere in the house.  So if I’m on a call, I can leave my phone, take the speaker with me, do dishes, etc.  But wait…it gets better…

Imagine having the Pandora app on your phone, streaming your favorite style of music for free (which is streams for you based on your own listening preferences) straight to the Jambox.  It doesn’t replace a true stereo speaker system, but man, this little box is a powerful speaker!  I love turning on Pandora, and listening to music on the Jambox.  Then, if someone is calling, it is smart enough to stop playing music, announce the caller ID, and wait while I determine whether or not I’ll accept the call.  When I’m done talking, it automatically starts playing music again.

Jambox is small, it fits in my hand, it travels in my purse, it’s a party-on-the go combined with conference capability, so I can transition from conversation to listening enjoyment very seamlessly.  What seemed to be a handy tool for work has turned into a fantastic new addition to my lifestyle.  Love it, love it!

One thought on “Jambox + Pandora = Big WIN!

  1. dougvass July 17, 2011 / 6:08 AM

    Still waiting for Pandora in Oz, although I did just set it up on the weekend using a US IP… hehe.

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