Immersive Learning Innovation: Thanks to NSTA!

Many thanks go out to Al Beyers, Flavio Mendez, Dayna Anderson and the great folks at NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) for hosting the Immersive Environments for Science Education strand at ISTE in Philadelphia last week!  I particularly enjoyed the ability to dialogue with Al, Chris Dede and Greg Jones using an optimist/pessimist approach in our panel, Immersive Environments for Science Education: Hyper-learning or Over Hyped Learning. If you know me, I tend to wear the optimist hat a lot–I’m always pushing for the vision of what could be!

In my session on Quest Based Learning Across Immersive Learning Environments, it was fun to explore the design of an open-learning environment that provides student choice and access using 3D GameLab, our new quest-based learning platform that aligns informal and formal learning activities, including the use of immersive worlds, games, and sims, to science standards.

If you have an interest in cutting-edge science education, be sure to check out the NSTAs Learning Center, a professional development site with thousands of resources, many of them available at no cost, as well as a social learning community for connecting with other innovative science educators.

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