Assessment Innovation Not Super Tests

Tom, thank you for sharing this article. It’s been a long time coming. I like the idea of an assessment ecosystem, it’s a step in the right direction. I do think we should be cautious of replacing paper and pencil multiple choice assessment­s with online multiple choice assessment­s, and calling that innovation, however.

The best assessment­s are those that are reflective of what the student can do with knowledge, how they can apply, reuse, remix, create, and innovate with their knowledge. I am most supportive of assessment that allows learners to understand their own learning, assessment that captures examples of real-life work, such as writing a story or in blogs, providing community service, creating simulation­s or models, completing complex tasks, performing to an audience, inventing something that didn’t exist before, etc. In our 3D GameLab project, we are seeking to map genuine, active learning and performanc­e that learners authentica­lly engage in across the meta-verse to common core standards, and then provide the learner a scorecard showing evidence of those achievemen­ts.

To create a nation of innovators­, we must give our students the freedom and opportunit­y to innovate. Assessment must be for the individual­’s own learning, not a check-off in the process of compliance­. Online systems are smart enough to capture this evidence. We must refocus our thinking about assessment in the best interest of the learner, and not for the system that drives educationa­l policy. The data we need as policymake­rs can be extracted. Design for the learner…­not the system.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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