Professional Development in Your PLN

This semester I’m teaching a new course on social network learning.  Through the design of the curriculum, and early interactions with my students, I started realizing that there are many educators exploring the use of personal learning networks (PLNs) as a way to support their own self-led (or informal) professional development.  In our most recent Going Virtual! 2010 report that we’ll release next week at the Virtual School Symposium, 52% of our responding K-12 online teachers reported they had received training in social networking as a form of professional development, while 25% reported wanting or needing more training in this area.

Learning to establish your own PLN takes time, and you will find that it constantly evolves and changes around your interests, connections, available time, and commitments to other learners in the network.  If you need tips to get started in understanding and establishing your own PLN, here’s a webinar I recently gave on the topic.  Also, feel free to join our Diigo group on Social Network Learning, where you can learn more through the shared group resources, or start a discussion topic for other members to join.

2 thoughts on “Professional Development in Your PLN

  1. Virginia McGregor November 8, 2010 / 11:01 AM

    Watched your recorded webinar. Very informative and gave valuable info to newbies in the online learning world. Thank you.

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