Going Mobile…learning is shifting in our own hand

Have you noticed the recent craze on mobile learning? While recently looking at my blog and Twitter analytics, I’ve noticed 90% of my traffic is going toward any posts related to the topic. For example, today I posted a list of resources from the IT Forum on mobile learning, and had over 14 retweets within an hour (a lot for me–normally I’ll get one or two on a good day).

If you’re interested in mobile learning, here are some resources to get you started on your path of inquiry:

1. Mobile Learning SIG at SITE: born this past spring, the mobile learning SIG supports those involved in teacher education.

2. IT Forum list of Mobile Learning resources: very extensive list, a lot of information organized into helpful categories.

3. Using Mobile Technologies in the Classroom: 10 Easy Tips to Get Started: Barbara Schroeder’s blog entry

4. Grad course syllabus, Mobile Learning: Devices, Application, Pedagogy: course taught this past summer by our very own Schroeder & Haskell

5. ACU Connected: the innovative mobile learning initiative at Abilene Christian University

6. Pew mobile research reports: Trends in mobile use among teens and adults, mobile learning, apps use, etc.

Any other good resources to add to the list?

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