Issuu: online publications

OK this publishing tool is too cool not to share.  Issuu gives normal human beings, like you and I, the ability to create online publications that work and look very much like a magazine.  In addition to this wonderful feature, it provides you embed code (so you can embed the file in your blog, online course, or wiki), allows you to subscribe to other individuals, join related groups, and track analytics. Thanks to Sabine Reljic for passing it along.

Here’s a powerpoint I first saved as a .pdf file, then uploaded into Issuu.

The whole process took about two minutes and was free–what a great tool for online course designers, bloggers, students who want to share their work with others, newsletter producers, and teachers.

2 thoughts on “Issuu: online publications

  1. Lindsay September 16, 2010 / 4:02 AM

    Yes good site. But I use this one They have an online editor, that makes my work more easier.

  2. sabine reljic October 15, 2010 / 9:53 AM

    You can also embed a twitter link on your issuu publication so that your readers can twitter the page simply by clicking the twitter icon on the page. Very easy.

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