ARVEL SIG: WoW in Schools

We had a greet meeting with Peggy Sheehy and Lucas Gillispie about their WoW in Schools project, working with middle school teens after school to have fun and learn through mmorpg games.  I don’t think my animoto fairly captures the mood of the evening, where we all entered quite easily, set up our audio in Ventrilo, and started chatting.  We had a small group discussion, got the Mr. T mohawk, and did a quest to get wolf meat.  Lucas and Peggy shared a lot of information and tips for teachers, and what I found wonderful about them both was their focus on what the kids were learning and experiencing as a result of the project.

At one point, I commented that it would be wonderful to overlay the game design of the WoW onto education, and Peggy replied, “That’s just my point.  It’s not the overlay onto education.  Learning happens in WoW itself.”  Thanks again to our presenters, and huge thanks to Sabine Reljic for leading  the ARVEL SIG in Virtual Worlds event series!

Watch students talk about learning in WoW.

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