Sean Ellenberger Memorial Scholarship Award

Yesterday I had the honor of introducing Jennifer Uriarte, this year’s winner of the Sean Ellenberger Memorial Scholarship, to area superintendents and other guests of Dean Diane Boothe at the pre-game ceremonies in Noble Hall.  Jennifer is a teacher in Huntington Beach, CA, and was accompanied by her boyfriend, Brandon.  We were fortunate to be joined Sean’s father, Gary Ellenberger, and Sean’s brother, Chris.  Sean’s mother, Mrs. Anne Langford, lives in Florida.

Ellenberger Scholarship The EDTECH department created the Ellenberger Scholarship last year when Sean passed away shortly after graduation with his Master’s degree.  Sean was passionate about working with at-risk youth and empowering them through technology.  Jennifer is our first winner of the scholarship, and continues on that vision through her own work with homeless teens in Huntington Beach, CA.  Donations toward the scholarship fund are gladly accepted.  Feel free to contact me directly.
(left to right: Chris, Brandon, Jennifer, Gary & Lisa)

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