Move to WordPress & learning in the global network

After using Blogger for over four years, today I make the leap over to WordPress. I feel like I’m leaving an old faithful friend, and treading into uncharted territory, but I think I’m ready. I appreciate the advanced features of WordPress, and my ability to create a hybrid set of web pages and blog, where I can gather all my of pieces into a coherent whole.

Please JOIN ME at WordPress!

This theme of gathering pieces into wholes is also reflected in a more recent global orientation that my work is taking. As I travel more and more across the globe, and our international student enrollments continue to increase, I realize the power we have in online learning to create global networked learning communities of educators–to draw on the expertise of others, to challenge our nation-centric belief systems that keep us from progressing, to cooperate and collaborate in new educational opportunities that have the ability to influence future generations around the world, not to mention in our own cities. We have the tools. Let’s use them to break down the walls, and move our imaginations and planet into places we have only dreamed up to this point.

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