Research Methods in Virtual Worlds

I’m teaching a new online graduate class this fall…Research Methods in Virtual Worlds.  Should be great fun!  We’ll be on EDTECH Island in Second Life, and visiting a few other virtual worlds.  Hope you can join us.

Blended course: requires attendance at synchronous sessions on EDTECH Island in Second Life, and access to Moodle between class sessions.  To learn more about our courses & workshops on EDTECH island, see


EDTECH 597:  Research Methods in Virtual Worlds (3 credits)

Class participants identify, analyze, and implement a variety of strategies for data collection and analysis in virtual world environments, including research methods unique to the virtual worlds. Research ethics, IRB approval, data security, minimization of risk to human subjects, and journals for publication are also considered.  Participants have the opportunity to interact with a variety of published virtual world researchers.

Course Fees: $1,044, regardless of location

Instructor:  Lisa Dawley (Mali Young),

Internet-based course, requires weekly attendance at live synchronous sessions on Monday 3-5 PM PT, 4-6 MT on EDTECH Island in Second Life.


System requirements:

Prerequisite skills:

    * Use of camera controls

    * Ability to fly, walk, and teleport

    * Knowledge of communication tools (IM and chat)

    * Basic building skills (create prims, add textures and content)

    * Basic inventory management (can find items, wear clothing, make a notecard)

    * It is recommended that participants have at least 15-20 hours of prior participation in Second Life before the course begins.


Register at or contact Jerry Foster at jfoster at, 208-426-1966 to assist you with registration and financial aid information.


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