My life with a Smartpen?

I guess I’ve been living under a rock, but I just found about the Pulse Smartpen. This handy little device (ok, not so little for us feminine types who prefer thin pens) allows you to take notes on real paper, and simultaneously record the handwriting and voice for later upload into an organization system called Livescribe. You can create pencasts and share them online…imagine! Please check out their videos, it’s much easier to visualize that I can describe here.

As a department chair who attends a lot of meetings and conferences, I’m imagining this little device may have the potential to change how I process information at those events. It’s a toss-up, either I 1) keep carrying my 15″ laptop, 2) buy a netbook (another computer!), 3) write my notes on paper and translate essential facts when I get back to the office, or 4) use a Smartpen!

Who could use a Smartpen? Students who sit in class and need to take notes, teams who work in brainstorming sessions, people who take meeting minutes, folks who may have memory issues such as Alzheimher’s and need a way to record their conversations, artists who want to teach others their drawing techniques, child psychologists who work with kids drawing and discussing their artwork…the list goes on….

I’ll be the first person to admit I have gadget lust. I’ll be ordering my Smartpen on Monday…and I’ll let you know if the hype meets the reality. Anyone else have more insight to share?

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