Tweetin’ along…singing a song…

OK maybe not the singing part….

If you tweet using Twitter, or one of the many apps people use in place of Twitter (I have Tweetie on my phone, TweetDeck on my laptop, and the TweetHUD in Second Life!), then most likely you have developed a strategy for using it to meet your needs. As an advanced user (I joined two whole months ago), I’ve become aware of certain personality types and how they use Twitter functionality to meet their goals.

  1. I’ll tell you everything about my day type: When Twitter first launched, it was touted as a way for people to share what they were doing at the moment. “I’m eating a donut.” “Cleaning up the dog’s poop–for the 3rd time!” “Watching Dancing with the Stars.” There’s a great YouTube parody about this type of first-generation user, you’ll laugh until you cry: “I just twoted all over the place” lol
  2. I’m elite and you’ll have to work hard to get on my list type: This person always has tons of followers, but follows less than 100 people. Celebrities, big-time book authors, you get the idea. Groupies will work hard retweeting these folks, hoping to get picked up as followers. My husband follows Lance Armstrong and loves him. I can’t get into it, personally–never been the groupie type.
  3. I follow thousands and thousands type: Beware, they are creating very large spam lists, and are usually trying to sell you something.
  4. I follow alot, and a lot follow me type: Hmm I seem to fit in this category at a baby level. By using Tweetdeck, I’ve learned to create groups that give me the ability to 1) keep my main feed going, I pick up tons of interesting tidbits when I happen to look at the big stream, and 2) add selected individuals into a second “friends” group. This allows me to create a customized list of people who have good information, are funny, or are just friends and I want to make sure I catch their tweets. I’m able to browse several streams of tweets in a very short time, and prioritize the ones I definitely want to read via the group strategy. I learn something new every day, and keep up on current trends and breaking news with very minimal efforts. I sent out the question, “do web crawlers crawl content hosted in Moodle,” and had two answers in less than 5 minutes…hand-delivered to my inbox.

Today, a lovely lady who goes by the name of @kyteacher said something very profound, and she gave me permission to quote her: “Twitter is the best PD (professional development) I’ve ever done. I learn something new every day.” I’m starting to understand why. Hope to see you on Twitter @lisadawley

One thought on “Tweetin’ along…singing a song…

  1. Kevin November 21, 2009 / 8:01 AM

    Thanks for an informative blog entry, it lit a lot of lights about what’s possible.

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