ready for more complex LMS tools

I’ve spent the last three days providing project feedback to my students in Instructional Design. We run fully online in Blackboard, and yet I find myself using a myriad of tools outside BB to do this type of work as an instructor.

For example, I had to 1) create the rubric in RubiStar, 2) paste it in Excel, 3) use Word to write the email text I then copy and paste to my students inside Outlook, and 4) attach the excel rubric to the email. This whole process happens outside the BB LMS. I then have to go into BB to record grades. My wish, my dream, my desire is for an LMS that gives me a suite of interactive tools designed to do this job in a less complex way. Where oh where are you? 🙂

One thought on “ready for more complex LMS tools

  1. Carol Strong November 2, 2005 / 2:35 AM

    Good evening!I am writing to share that I am excited to learn of your BSU programs and see the work you are doing to connect online educators. I work as the Professional Development Manager at Apex Learning, Inc. I conduct PD sessions all over the country for school districts who have purchased our programs as a resource for teachers and/or a full online program. It will be great to share ideas!

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