expert chats

Tonight I’m hosting an expert chat with another educator on the topic of hybrid learning. We’re running the chat in Breeze, our video conferencing program. How cool is it that we can see and hear our guest lecturer from the comfort of our own homes and offices?

We practiced in Breeze on Monday to get ourselves ready. Uh oh…troubles with the audio going in and out, up and down. An hour of troubleshooting and still no firm resolution. We’re going to proceed with the chat and cross our fingers. If all goes as planned, I’ll add a link of the recorded presentation to the bottom of this post. Wish us luck!

(Here’s our chat! )

One thought on “expert chats

  1. Caryn February 6, 2006 / 5:32 AM

    Lisa: I love the many uses for Breeze, like watching the chat about Hybrid courses after the fact on your Sept. blog entry. I did not know you could record and save the entire session for others to view at their convenience! Very cool. I have a feeling I need to plan Breeze into the budget. 🙂 Too many programs and techy toys, not enough time and money!

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